The Switch to Online

Last week it was reported by British Telecom that the domestic phone was becoming a relic of the past. Mobile phones and internet services have eaten into this once thriving market. Homeowners now mostly just using their telephone lines for broadband connection.

The same applies to retailers and businesses.

VOIP (Voice Over IP) exchanges have replaced the grey PABX box sitting in the corner with the multiple (and expensive) telephone BT lines. All that is needed to get the same or better telephone system is a good broadband service. The exchange is up in the ether somewhere and control of it is by web address. Each handset (telephone) is connected to by an Ethernet cable. Flexibility is paramount as the extension phones that once connected to the PABX grey box can now be connected remotely by the internet; anywhere in the UK or overseas.

The same technology change has hit the Card Terminal sphere. In the past, the humble card terminal occupied a phone line. This was usually a dedicated line or shared with a fax machine so that it did not conflict with voice calls. Fax machines have gone in the same direction as the PABX grey box and the expense of a dedicated line for a dial up card machine is going that way too.

The new generation of IP card terminals, like the VeriFone Vx520 and Vx680 series, are proving very popular amongst our merchant customers. Connection via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi can offer much lower communication costs with lightning fast transactions; perfect for the busy retailer.

The Vx680 Wi-Fi terminal offers a colour touch screen, contactless card, Wi-Fi portability and even DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) for cheaper foreign card payments.

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