The Great Office Move

Our landlord at our Chalfont St Peter office finally received the go ahead to turn the building into flats.

When we signed the 3 year agreement 5 years ago we knew it would happen one day. The need to move lock stock and barrel came a couple of years later than anticipated, but still came! As with houses, the bigger the space the more stuff you collect and fill it with. Our new office is smaller and so a skip was ordered and filled. This was followed by two car loads to the local recycling centre. Where does all this useless stuff come from? We are now comfortably settled and most of the mail comes through. Telephones were not a problem as we use a VOIP service and our numbers come with us. The only required service was a decent broadband which was not a problem thanks to a local supplier.

Our new office is located right in the middle of the delightful village of Chalfont St Giles. It is a historic Buckinghamshire village with plenty of shops and delicious places to eat at lunchtime. If you are nearby, please do come and visit? I hope that this will be the last move for a long time. Ken